Your Health

Did you know that your dental health affects the health of your entire body?
Keeping your mouth healthy can help you feel better and have more energy!

  • Periodontal (gum) disease can affect your heart
  • Occlusal disease often can be a major trigger for migraines
  • Worn, broken, or misaligned teeth can contribute to headaches, poor posture, 
  • backaches, tension in shoulders and neck, among many other symptoms 

Your Beauty

Laser Whitening (in-office)
Whitening Trays (take home)
Cosmetic Smile Makeovers
Porcelain Veneers
Metal-Free Crowns

Your Comfort 

Comfortable Chairs
Aroma Therapy Pillows
Personalized Music
Headsets Welcome

Temecula dentist, Dr. Erich Herber,
is bringing back personal dental care!

No Waiting • No Double Booking

Old fashioned care, with today's technologies

      Comfort      ·     Beauty      ·     Health


We offer financing through an outside Dental Financing Company. 
This can allow you to proceed with the treatment you choose at a low monthly payment.

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