Invisalign or Standard Braces

Which is better for you?  It depends!

Here is a short summary to compare.


Clear - almost invisible

Comfortable - no wires or brackets

Removable - take them out to eat

Rapid Results - 5 weeks to about a year

No metal appearance

Great for teenagers and adults that don't want to deal with metal brackets and wires

Look great while getting treatment - hardly anyone will notice unless they are looking and very close, or if you tell them!

Traditional Braces

In some cases, can treat complex issues that Invisalign can not yet treat

Precision finishing - great control if special movements are needed

Cost is sometimes a bit lower

Combination Treatment

As it sounds, a combination of both methods can be used to achieve the best results.  This is becoming more popular, often starting with some things like expanders, and then moving on to Invisalign when ready.

Which is right for you?  Come in and talk with us at no charge.No two people are exactly alike, and neither is their treatment plan.

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Invisalign and Braces